Flyers for an Art Gallery

Flyers are not just paper; they are invitations, whispers that extend beyond the gallery walls. Flyers introduce the world to exhibitions, encapsulating the essence of art in a tangible form. In a digital age, these humble leaflets become bridges between creativity and the audience, forging connections and inviting all to witness the magic within the gallery’s confines.

MY MOTHER IS a fish (at)

Within the pages of this book, meticulously designed to mirror the intricate harmonies of our performance space, you will encounter a fusion of sound, emotion, and visual artistry. Our Opera House has been a haven for creativity, and this installation is a tribute to the profound connections between music, culture, and the human spirit.

Humanitarian Leadership Report Layout

Working collaboratively, we tackled the challenge of presenting intricate data and insights in an engaging manner. The result was a report that not only respected the content but also facilitated understanding, empowering readers to grasp the nuances of humanitarian leadership in a changing world.

More Posters in our streets

Every exhibition presents a unique story, and my role is to translate that narrative into an arresting visual language. From contemporary art showcases to historical retrospectives, I delve into the themes, colours, and emotions that define each collection. Through careful conceptualisation, I infuse the poster with an aesthetic that mirrors the clients’ intentions, while also resonating with the audience’s sensibilities.

Crafting the Identity of Solferino Voices

Creating the branding for Solferino Voices, a YouTube channel dedicated to sharing stories from Red Cross and Red Crescent volunteers, was a purposeful and strategic process. The branding elements – logo, color palette, thumbnails, and the channel name – were thoughtfully designed to reflect the essence of the channel’s mission and connect with its audience.

The Data Playbook, Unlocking Data Excellence

In a world driven by data, where information is power, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) embarked on a monumental endeavour to reshape the landscape of data management. A 700-page magnum opus, the IFRC Data Playbook, stands as a testament to ambition, collaboration, and the unyielding pursuit of excellence.

Capturing High-Level Moments

Within the distinguished setting of the IFRC Auditorium B, a gathering of global minds unfolded on May 25th, 2022, during the “Cholera – WHA Side-event.” This crucial discussion saw the participation of IFRC and WHO senior figures, ministers of Health and Water from DRC, Zambia, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Kenya, and Haiti, alongside prominent figures such as Tedros and Mike Ryan.

Francesco Rocca’s Manifesto

Design, when entrusted with such mandates, becomes a conduit for ideals. As you explore my portfolio, witness how visual narratives amplify vital causes. Francesco Rocca’s Manifesto encapsulates my commitment to weaving visual stories that transcend borders and resonate in the hearts of diverse audiences.

Branding for Le Labo, Art Space

The Labo association has been working dynamically since 2008 to promote contemporary art and to foster its understanding by multiplying curatorial approaches within the independent art space it manages, the Labo space. Since then, the place has always kept its vocation as an experimental artistic laboratory.

Régis, entre ombre et lumière

Le Temps is the most respected newspaper from Geneva, Switzerland. I was lucky enough to have once again one of my picture printed in one of its pages. This time, it is my very good friend Régis who is portraited for a new release. It is not the first time I had the chance to work with the dark and brilliant Swiss singer.


When Halloween came around in 1960 John F. Kennedy, while campaigning for president, came across a unique trick or treat event. This ghoulish party was not about collecting candy but instead raising money for the UN agency fighting child hunger and disease-UNICEF. This is how we make the most of what is already a lot.