Visualizing Climate Action and Humanitarian Impact

I had the pleasure to design the brand and experience for the Planet:Red Summit – an extraordinary fusion of design, insight, and collaboration to confront the critical issues of climate change and pandemics head-on. As the graphic designer entrusted with this visionary project, I invite you to immerse yourself in an event that combines strategic visuals and interactive experiences, driving collective action and understanding.

Visualizing Unity in Extraordinary Times

From October 12th to the 14th, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) extend an exclusive invitation to join a virtual convergence of minds. With traditional meetings on hold this year, Planet:Red becomes a digital nexus, transcending geographical barriers to unite us.

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A Brand and Experience Crafted with Purpose

As the graphic designer behind the scenes, I’ve orchestrated a visual and experiential journey that resonates deeply. The Planet:Red brand embodies the urgency of our cause, while my strategic design approach ensures an immersive encounter that magnifies the essence of local action for global impact.

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Insights Translated Through Design

Climate crises and pandemics are interconnected challenges with far-reaching humanitarian implications. At the three-day summit, my visual narratives will guide you through high-level speakers, exclusive Leadership sessions, joint statements, and impactful project showcases.

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Online Experiences that Transform

Beyond aesthetics, the Planet:Red Summit leverages design for interaction. The interactive online games we’ve crafted enhance engagement, facilitating dialogue and fostering a deeper understanding of the issues at hand. This is design that empowers attendees to connect, collaborate, and drive change.

A Visual Odyssey for Change

Distinguished figures such as Francesco Rocca and Peter Maurer, esteemed leaders in their roles as President of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies and President of the International Committee of the Red Cross respectively, actively participated and contributed their insights to the Planet:Red Summit. Their valuable engagement enriched the event, underscoring its significance in addressing climate change and pandemic challenges.

Project Overview: In alignment with the Planet:Red Summit, CODE:Red stands as a dynamic week-long digital alternate reality game that unites participants across the globe through the expanse of the internet. Players converge within a virtual forum to unlock enigmas, brainstorm solutions, and collectively unravel the heart of the game’s enigmatic storyline. Rooted in the context of the climate crisis, this interactive experience serves as a platform for participants to express their unique perspectives on local climate impacts and share insights on how the Red Cross and Red Crescent can make a difference.

Audience Engagement: Designed with young staff and volunteers across the movement in mind, CODE:Red will be spotlighted through the influential Solferino Academy. Distinguished by its presence on various communication channels, including social media, the game aims to captivate and empower a new generation of change-makers.

Thematic Exploration: Embark on a journey as players delve into the universe of a cancelled high-tech Artificial Intelligence project. Interacting harmoniously with both AI entities and fellow players, the mission is to amplify the voices of youth in the discourse of climate change. This entails deciphering cryptic messages scattered across digital landscapes, piecing together clues to unravel a captivating narrative, and harmonizing efforts to decode multilingual enigmas.

Immersive Elements: As players tread the path of discovery, they’ll traverse a myriad of experiences: from engaging in an 8-bit video game reminiscent of nostalgia to conversing with AI entities that breathe life into the virtual world. These elements intertwine with undertakings like locating missing individuals, unearthing public webcams, and embarking on a collective quest to dismantle a mysterious organization.

Culmination and Impact: The culmination of this thrilling voyage culminates with the celebration of players who contributed to the game’s unravelling during the prestigious Planet:Red Summit. Their achievements are showcased alongside a comprehensive account of the game, enriching the summit’s narrative. Furthermore, the contributions made by players in the form of game submissions will illuminate diverse youth perspectives on climate change.

Participation and Timeline: Set to unfold during the week of October 4th, CODE:Red promises a riveting lead-up to the Planet:Red Event. The game’s inclusive design accommodates players across four languages: English, Arabic, French, and Spanish. Participants have the choice to embark individually or form teams, emphasizing collaboration as the key to unlocking intricate puzzles. The aspiration is to engage 1,000 young minds in this transformative experience.

Join the Journey: CODE:Red beckons you to join a global community driven by purpose, innovation, and unity. As a graphic designer, my role in bringing this vision to life encompasses shaping compelling visuals that seamlessly merge with the immersive gameplay, elevating the user experience and imparting an enduring impact.

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