IFRC GIS 2023 Experiences

In the vibrant heart of Nairobi, Kenya, the IFRC Global Innovation Summit 2023 brought together more than 300 visionaries, united by a shared goal: to innovate, inspire change, and envision a brighter humanitarian future. It was an epicentre of diverse ideas, a crucible of innovation, and a testament to the resilience of the human spirit. A dedicated team, guided by a passionate leader, was behind the scenes, orchestrating an exceptional blend of design, documentation, and imaginative innovation to foster engagement and connectivity on all fronts.

Promoting the Event on Social media with shareable material was key

Designing the Essence:

Our creative journey commenced with the rich flora of Kenya, a symbol of diversity, colours, and forms. These indigenous flowers became the visual heart of the event, embodying the multifaceted nature of innovation. A meticulously curated colour palette was our expressive language, conveying dynamism, tranquillity, and diversity. Typography emerged as the silent storyteller, bridging tradition and transformation.

An adaptable design is a good design, in every format

Composition and Signage:

Within the sprawling Boma Hotel, signage acted as guiding stars, transforming the venue into an immersive experience. Thoughtful composition ensured that every corner, every idea, was accessible, enhancing the overall Summit journey.

From the Airport to their Hotel Room, from sessions to National Park visit, we needed constant signage all along the journey

Digital Innovation:

Our website was not merely a portal; it was a virtual gateway to the Summit’s universe, facilitating registrations, hotel bookings, and diverse attendee needs. Social media platforms became hubs of conversation, connecting the global Red Cross Red Crescent Network with the Summit’s essence in real time.

The website

Video Production:

Beyond design and social media, a talented team from Kenyan TV production company, Switch TV, captured the event’s heartbeat through high-definition video production. Every moment, every idea, every innovation was documented with precision. From riveting interviews with thought leaders to immersive event coverage, the video content became the living archive of the Summit.

Dr. Soshino and the World's First Hydrogen Ambulance by the Japanese Red Cross Society #IFRCGIS23

The journey of the IFRC Global Innovation Summit 2023 found its digital home on the Solferino Voices YouTube channel. Here, the video content breathed life into the Summit’s narrative, allowing a global audience to experience the discussions, insights, and inspirations that unfolded in Nairobi. It was more than documentation; it was a continuation of the Summit’s mission – to inspire change, foster connections, and drive innovation.

Confronting Challenges:

In preparation for the event, an engaging contest was organized to fund projects and engage future attendees. Challenges were created around volunteering, innovative finance, data visualization, and storytelling. A dedicated website managed registrations and submissions, adding an interactive dimension to the Summit’s preparation phase.


The Hybrid and Online Experience:

The Summit transcended physical boundaries with an online version, complete with a distinct registration system and a fully digital agenda. This digital extension allowed a global audience to partake in discussions and workshops, fostering inclusivity and international collaboration.


Sparking Imagination:

In the spirit of embracing the future, a Red Cross kiosk of the future was born. Filled with items related to Red Cross activities, it sparked imagination and conversation about hypothetical scenarios. The products, from “Inaction figures” in contrast to “action figures” like the “fundraiser,” to a “night sun-screen” and a line of “make-up for domestic violence” that offers protection in conflict zones, challenged conventional thinking and encouraged attendees to envision new humanitarian solutions.

Red Cross Red Crescent Future Kiosk
Future product

A Total Success:

In crafting connections through design, documentation, and innovative imagination, this journey highlighted that creativity can amplify the message of hope, innovation, and humanitarian commitment. It was a tale where every element, from visual aesthetics to video production, digital outreach, and imaginative products, played a crucial role.

The IFRC Global Innovation Summit 2023 was a testament to the power of design, documentation, and imaginative thinking in conveying the spirit of innovation. It was a story of meeting challenges head-on, pioneering new avenues for engagement, and sparking imaginations that continue to innovate, inspire, and make a lasting difference.