Flyers for an Art Gallery

Flyers are not just paper; they are invitations, whispers that extend beyond the gallery walls. Flyers introduce the world to exhibitions, encapsulating the essence of art in a tangible form. In a digital age, these humble leaflets become bridges between creativity and the audience, forging connections and inviting all to witness the magic within the gallery’s confines.

More Posters in our streets

Every exhibition presents a unique story, and my role is to translate that narrative into an arresting visual language. From contemporary art showcases to historical retrospectives, I delve into the themes, colours, and emotions that define each collection. Through careful conceptualisation, I infuse the poster with an aesthetic that mirrors the clients’ intentions, while also resonating with the audience’s sensibilities.

Branding for Le Labo, Art Space

The Labo association has been working dynamically since 2008 to promote contemporary art and to foster its understanding by multiplying curatorial approaches within the independent art space it manages, the Labo space. Since then, the place has always kept its vocation as an experimental artistic laboratory.

Posters are still the bests

A poster for a designer is like a canvas for a painter. First, the visual impact, the one that will bring the people to read what this poster is all about. Second, the information. Creating emotions in a complex visual context is one of the main missions that a poster has to fulfill.