Crafting the Identity of Solferino Voices

Creating the branding for Solferino Voices, a YouTube channel dedicated to sharing stories from Red Cross and Red Crescent volunteers, was a purposeful and strategic process. The branding elements – logo, colour palette, thumbnails, and channel name – were thoughtfully designed to reflect the essence of the channel’s mission and connect with its audience.

Logo and Name: A Meaningful Foundation

The name “Solferino Voices” draws inspiration from the historic Battle of Solferino, a pivotal event for the Red Cross and Red Crescent movement. The logo, featuring intertwined Red Cross and Red Crescent symbols, embodies unity and compassion. Together, these elements provide a strong foundation that echoes the channel’s focus on humanitarian values and volunteer stories.

Visual Identity: Thumbnails and Colors

Thumbnails play a vital role in capturing viewers’ attention, acting as windows into the stories shared on the channel. Each thumbnail was carefully designed to offer a glimpse into the diverse range of narratives and experiences showcased on Solferino Voices. The chosen color palette blends warm and cool tones, symbolizing the empathy of volunteers and the forward-looking nature of the movement.

Engaging the Audience: 11k Subscribers Milestone

The success of Solferino Voices is evident in its growing subscriber base, which has reached 11k. This milestone reflects the resonance of the branding and the channel’s content with an audience eager to learn, connect, and engage with the stories of Red Cross and Red Crescent volunteers. The branding has effectively fostered a sense of community and shared purpose.

Continued Journey

As Solferino Voices moves forward, its branding will continue to be a pivotal aspect of its identity. The logo, colour palette, thumbnails, and channel name will remain as guiding pillars, representing the heart of the channel’s mission. Through these branding elements, Solferino Voices will keep telling the stories of change, innovation, and hope within the Red Cross and Red Crescent National Societies.

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