Posters are still the bests

A poster for a designer is like a canvas for a painter. First, the visual impact, the one that will bring the people to read what this poster is all about. Second, the information. Creating emotions in a complex visual context is one of the main missions that a poster has to fulfill.

Régis, entre ombre et lumière

Le Temps is the most respected newspaper from Geneva, Switzerland. I was lucky enough to have once again one of my picture printed in one of its pages. This time, it is my very good friend Régis who is portraited for a new release. It is not the first time I had the chance to work with the dark and brilliant Swiss singer.


When Halloween came around in 1960 John F. Kennedy, while campaigning for president, came across a unique trick or treat event. This ghoulish party was not about collecting candy but instead raising money for the UN agency fighting child hunger and disease-UNICEF. This is how we make the most of what is already a lot.

Merry Christmas

New Year’s Eve represents a particularly deadly time to be on the road. The NHTSB reports that the automobile accident fatality rate is five-times above the daily average on New Year’s Eve in the United States.

World Blood donor day, 2019

This year again, the Red Cross participates in the “Missing Type” movement. The purpose of this campaign? The disappearance of the letters A, O and B, the three letters of blood groups, urban and digital landscapes to raise awareness of blood donation.

Emergency communication

Cyclone Idai made landfall on 15 March in the city of Beira located in Central Mozambique. The cyclone wreaked havoc on Beira and its surrounding areas, resulting in significant damage and destruction to shelter and settlements, health, water and sanitation facilities, as well as large swathes of crops.