Flyers for an Art Gallery

Flyers are not just paper; they are invitations, whispers that extend beyond the gallery walls. Flyers introduce the world to exhibitions, encapsulating the essence of art in a tangible form. In a digital age, these humble leaflets become bridges between creativity and the audience, forging connections and inviting all to witness the magic within the gallery’s confines.

IFRC GIS 2023 Experiences

In the heart of Nairobi, Kenya, the IFRC Global Innovation Summit 2023 was a remarkable gathering of over 300 forward-thinkers, all united by a singular vision: to innovate, inspire change, and advance humanitarian efforts. It was a melting pot of ideas, a crucible of innovation, and an ode to human resilience.

Crafting the Identity of Solferino Voices

Creating the branding for Solferino Voices, a YouTube channel dedicated to sharing stories from Red Cross and Red Crescent volunteers, was a purposeful and strategic process. The branding elements – logo, color palette, thumbnails, and the channel name – were thoughtfully designed to reflect the essence of the channel’s mission and connect with its audience.

Branding for Le Labo, Art Space

The Labo association has been working dynamically since 2008 to promote contemporary art and to foster its understanding by multiplying curatorial approaches within the independent art space it manages, the Labo space. Since then, the place has always kept its vocation as an experimental artistic laboratory.

Swiss Chamber Concerts

Les fondateurs des Swiss Chamber Concerts ont mis un point d’honneur à offrir à la musique de notre temps un large espace. En vingt années, presque 200 œuvres ont ainsi été créées et diffusées lors de plus de 650 concerts en Suisse, en Europe, au Japon ou encore en Australie.